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 Money Collecting Money Collecting Money Collecting

Collecting Paper Money and tokens goes back a considerable way in history it is believed that people have been collecting Paper Money for as long as it has been in use. While people began collecting paper currency more systematically in the 1940s, the turning point occurred in the 1970s when notaphily was established as a separate area by collectors. The term was devised in this decade by a group of employees working for the collectors and investements firm Stanley Gibbons, in a successful attempt to formalize and encourage interest in the area.

One of the largest banknote collections ever  established was the main subject in a case where the deceased will was contested.

This caused one of the best collections of paper money, notes and tokens to be split and sol off to many different buyers.

One name for collecting note is Notaphily

 Money Collecting          Money Collecting       Money Collecting